Confederate Cities The Urban South During The Civil War Era Historical Studies Of Urban America -

confederate states of america wikipedia - the confederate states of america csa or c s commonly referred to as the confederacy and the south was an unrecognized country in north america that existed from 1861 to 1865 the confederacy was originally formed by seven secessionist slave holding states south carolina mississippi florida alabama georgia louisiana and texas in the lower south region of the united states whose, fact check was robert e lee opposed to confederate - between the end of the civil war and his death former confederate general robert e lee expressed opposition to the building of confederate monuments, did congress designate confederate soldiers as united - until the turn of the 20th century united states government interment of confederate soldiers generally involved deceased prisoners buried during the civil war on union lands, civil rights movement history timeline 1966 - the war on poverty this is a huge and controversial topic that may be too large and complex for a history timeline article in the mid 1960s freedom movement activists hold a wide range of views on lbj s war on poverty program wop some movement activists particular at the local level see it as a sincere effort to alleviate poverty and an opportunity for them to significantly better