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diabetes insipidus adh diabetes prevention program ymca - diabetes insipidus adh treating diabetic feet the 3 step trick that reverses diabetes permanently in as little as 11 days diabetes insipidus adh the real cause of diabetes recommended diabetes insipidus adh your eating plan is the core of your treatment diabetes type 2 mess that up and hardly anything else you do will operate, how to tell parents going into nursing home agingcare com - matthew24 ditto my parent will never go into a nursing home either she will never be alone and i feel so bad for anyone who has to go into one breaks my heart into pieces to think of it, what do you do when you don t know what to do - there are large numbers of people who are extremely unhappy with their careers the reasons for that unhappiness are many these are just a few of the factors that cause work and career dissatisfaction despite the fact that so many people are unhappy with their career choices they remain in their, how do i cope with putting my husband in a nursing - the patient that is being suffering from this disease i can say you are suffering from a very hard time i have seen many people who are suffering from this disease and they have become more aggressive than they were in the first and yes at a certain stage they they act like they really mean it but this is due to the dementia, what to do when you ve seriously screwed up - in life you will make mistakes sometimes really big mistakes sometimes you ll even make the same mistake more than once and you ll make a complete fool of yourself, my 92 year old mother has alzheimer s and i pray she will die - hello thanks everyone for sharing there experiences i cared for my mum day in day out for 14 years alzheimer s and in the last 2 years i increasingly became more angry and resentful towards her people keep saying what a wonderful job i did but i know i didn t and feel ashamed of myself for shouting at her towards the very final stages of her life, getting off or avoiding blood pressure meds - posted 01 05 2015 if you re currently taking a blood pressure medication or your doctor has remarked that she ll be keeping an eye on your borderline high blood pressure or high blood pressure runs in your family and you have concerns about it please read this health tip closely, what should i do with my 19 year old daughter s anger - my 19 year old daughter has very disturbing temper tantrums and they are getting worse she screams and cusses and blames everyone for her mistakes she lives at home with us and everyone walks on pins and needles in hopes that she doesn t have an outburst if one thing doesn t go her way, adaptogens ancient medicine for 21st century stress - specialty chocolates organic coffee and green tea gluten free baked goods energy bars and drinks there s no shortage of quick energy fixes lining the shelves of even healthy stores including whole foods i think it s safe to say that we re in the middle of a human energy crisis, 44 questions for your midwife birth without fear - while it doesn t make sense to ask a potential midwife all of these questions in an interview this is also by no means an exhaustive list you can pick and choose according to your own needs and wishes and add your own if you have a suggestion please let us know in the comments and i will add it above, what are the symptoms of estrogen dominance christiane - the conventional medical mindset is that menopause is an estrogen deficiency disease resulting from ovarian failure women have been led to believe that at the slightest symptoms they should run out and get estrogen replacement while estrogen levels will decrease during menopause the truth is estrogen levels do not fall appreciably until after a woman s last period, a guide to getting off effexor addiction withdrawals - hi i ve been taking effexor xr for 13 yrs i tried getting off this medicine and the withdrawls were so bad i was on 37 5 so i went to see my dr and he put me on venlaflaxine hcl 25mg tablet take 1 2 morning 1 2 night for 3 months, the 3 step process to determining your ideal carbohydrate - there s been a lot of talk about the right amount of carbohydrates to eat lately laura schoenfeld started us off with her article about the possible detriments of eating a low carbohydrate diet for too long and chris kresser followed this up with his discussion of the common misconceptions people tend to have about low carb diets they ve done the heavy lifting here and provided lots of, vegans are cannibals the truth behind the new vegan high - there s a definite high associated with first going vegan especially raw vegan new converts are bright eyed relentlessly energetic and brimming over with messianic zeal to convert all their friends to the diet that has brought them such joy, the best natural adderall alternatives to buy otc legally - trying to find a suitable natural adderall alternative for yourself or your child to use without a prescription adderall is a pharmaceutical drug that has been used for treating conditions like adhd and even narcolepsy it is increasingly being sought out as a smart drug and taken for off label purposes by students and other people in high pressure environments, rhr top 4 mistakes people make when treating candida - candida is a normal resident of the digestive tract as are many other species of bacteria that become overgrown in sibo the idea is not to completely wipe out these species but to get things back into balance test don t guess one of the tenets of functional medicine is you have to address the underlying cause of a problem in order to get the best result long term, the wealthy pediatrician the white coat investor - as a pediatrician i don t make 200k a year and likely never will so the whole you too can own a mansion in the mountains go heliskiing in japan drive a luxury car and give all you want to charity if you only delay your gratification pitch is a little hard to listen to, modifying paleo for autoimmune conditions the paleo mom - autoimmune conditions and a leaky gut go hand in hand in fact in every autoimmune condition that has been tested a leaky gut is present and is a contributing factor to the illness not all autoimmune conditions have been tested but many in the paleo community assume that leaky gut is a factor in all autoimmune conditions, progesterone weight gain progesteronetherapy com - aug 18 2009 be careful by wray you are so right about the progestins whether found in the contraceptive pill or hrt all of them come with adverse side effects please see this web page for more info progesterone on the other hand has no such side effects and most certainly does not cause masculine traits in a woman